Youth Demography


It is a worthwhile to start this 

article with a statistics of Youth Demography population. During 2021-2036,the younger generation population in India will decline from 50.2% to 37.6%. According to this research,it is evident that younger generations should follow the safety culture at the present situation

“All Mankind.. 

Being All Equal 

And Independent

No One Ought to Harm Another In His Life

Health,Liberty or Possessions” 

-John Locke

In the above quotes by John Locke, it is perfectly explained that following safety culture will not only favor to ourselves, it is also to protect others. Our actions should not harm harm or affect others. To overcome this following our own safety precautions is more than enough


Today younger generations more co corned about their own liberty. Bit their own liberty should not affect others. When a traffic police puts them to stop the vehicle for violating the traffic rules, they are feeling that their liberty been outraged. It is also in the hands of the parents to teach their children about road rules. Liberty is not a personal affair only, but a social contract. It is accommodation of interest. So it is Important to inculcate safety culture in the younger minds of future generations

Good Characteristics enhances Safety 

Inculcating good Characteristics or values in the minds of younger generation enhance them to follow safety culture. For instance, if their minds poised with Time management, Responsibility,Punctual, Cleanliness

Welfare and Confidence urge them to follow the culture of safety. So parents playing the constructive role in building the good values their children and future generation playing constructive role in building safer generations

Rebuilding Safety Culture 

As an ancient country, we are rich in culture and heritage and we are very keen to make younger generations to take over our culture forever. But we failed to create the s culture with prominent and proficient safety. It is vital to build safety culture because to evoke the strong younger generation, the base should be stronger. If it is laid stronger, no evils or virus can penetrate in to the base part of safety culture

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are only sure reliance for the preservation of our Safety” 

-Thomas Jefferson

In the future nothing will declare that we are civilized or uncivilized only the safety culture prove our liveliness and welfare of the future generations in our country. Reference : On the rule of the road by A.G.Gardine

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