Voyage End Europe’ Calendar 2023 featuring Tamil Film & Television Actresses released by Photographer M.Ram Vignesh 

The concept of ‘Voyage end Europe’ is based on the sunshine and the European regions and has been showcased by M. Ram Vignesh at Clarion Hotel, Mylapore, Chennai.

‘Voyage End Europe.’ A calendar which will cruise you through the cities and streets of Europe following 12 stunning actors of fame from the Tamil Film & Television Actresses.

The calendar features 12 types of photos featuring Hema Bindhu, Ashwini Chandrasekhar, Mounika, Pavitra, Vaishnavi, Priyanka, Ashika, Payal, Varshini Venkat, Rhea Ganesh, Amisha, Sri and Rhea Sharma are the models taking the spotlight in this year’s calendar.

The team together have brought a piece of Europe – its locale and fashion straight to the heart of Chennai with their impeccable hard-work and dedication. 

M. Ram Vignesh has also said that next time he will take a photo calendar with new projects based on another culture in the open air. The event was attended by many Small Screen Actresses and prominent celebrities featured in the calendar photos.

Starting with the set, a total indoor erection, the set has been designed by the team to take us straight to the rich land of history and culture. A total one-man show the set has been conceptualized and designed with just briefs by the Art Director Mani. 

The team said that even though all the photographs were recorded for 12 days, it took 2 to 3 days to set up each set.

The makeup artists, Naya Saran, Swathi, and Pretty Joshi each have helped our talented models to channel their inner goddess with their perfect makeup making them look as ethereal as one can. Matching their makeup with the model, costume, and concept, they have created a magical connection with the European streets, cafes, and riviera. 

It wouldn’t be possible for everything to fall in place without the prefect costumes which our models have sported to match the vibe of the calendar theme. This is all thanks to the talented designer Mr. Vicky Kapoor .  

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