Unacademy launches ‘Compete’ to help Learners boost their preparation

65,000+ Learners have already competed on the app

1 million total matches of Compete have been played

Chennai, October 2022:Unacademy, India’s largest learning platform*, announces a new product on their platform – Unacademy Compete.

Unacademy Compete is the first-of-its-kind experience in online education that allows Learners to go head-to-head against other Learners, and evaluate their preparation in real-time. With Compete, Unacademy becomes the only online learning platform where each Learner has their own unique rating.

The all new Compete experience

  • Instant matching: Compete instantly matches you with another Learner from anywhere in India based on your preparation and syllabus completion
  • Curated questions: The high-quality questions are curated from the syllabus the Learners have completed so far. As their preparation progresses, new questions are added to help them get an accurate evaluation of their preparation. Dropper Learners can compete on questions from their entire syllabus
  • Intense 1v1 battles:  Both Learners answer a total of 5 questions where they’re given up to 60s to answer each question. The Learner who answers faster with more accuracy wins the Compete match, and improves their rating instantly
  • Unique Rating: Based on their rating, Learners get a unique level from – Beginner, Hustler, Pro, Scholar, or a Champion. As their rating improves, they rise up the levels.

Learners love to Compete

After it went live in early October, 65,000+ Learners have already competed on the app, playing over 1 million total matches. Learners have spent over 40,000 hours playing Compete cumulatively and over 1800 Learners have competed 100 times or more. 6 Learner has even reached the impressive 1000 matches milestone.

Speaking about the new product, Hemesh Singh, Co-founder and CTO, Unacademy said, “At Unacademy, we constantly strive to create industry-leading and innovative product experiences that make learning more fun and engaging. We’re keeping Compete free for all, so that every Learner who aspires to crack the exam can now know exactly where they stand against other Learners. In the coming months, we plan to help our Learners by showing personalized insights in Compete around their strong and weak topics, areas of improvement and a lot more. This will help our Learners get a definitive edge in their preparation.”

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