Schwing Stetter gears up for ‘Technovation 2022’ at its Cheyyar facility, Tamil Nadu

Chennai, February, 2022: Schwing Stetter India, one of the largest manufacturers of concreting and construction equipment’s across the country, today announced the launch of ‘Technovation 2022’ in their Global Manufacturing Hub in Cheyyar, Tamil Nadu, India. The main objective of the tech fest is to exhibit the concept of innovation through technology in the concrete and construction industries across the country.

This week-long event, which runs from February 7th – 13th, 2022, aims to bring together diverse industrial customers, stakeholders, local and global technology leaders to syndicate conversations about technology, partnerships, and innovation that can help advance market technology adoption. The event will feature 70+ technology-driven products on display, that will transform all stages of the construction process and reshape the industry. Besides this, the webinars and conferences will have 20 plus speakers where a lively exchange of knowledge sharing sessions by impressive technical experts from renowned institutions and thought leaders in the industry are expected to participate.    

Schwing Stetter’s Global Manufacturing Hub has been focusing on innovation, R&D and new products based on customer feedback. Technovation 2022 will be an eye-opener for lot of entrepreneurs and existing customers to have a global awareness about where construction equipment industry is moving towards. Moreover, with market moving towards sustainability, de-carbonization, sensor based preventive technology etc, this event will also be an experience zone for the end customers and industry leaders to see the products in action and try them.

Mr. V.G. Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India, said, “At Schwing, we have always believed in Innovation & Technology as the driving factors behind the infrastructure growth. Schwing Stetter is extremely delighted and thrilled to conduct the Technovation Fest 2022. We believe that this would be a perfect interactive platform to broaden product range and technology enabled service offerings. It also empowers and helps us to understand our customers in a better manner. Going forward, we will continue to implement new market innovation and growth strategies to sustain our market position”.

Throughout the week-long event, a series of events are scheduled to focus on each forum. Some of the major announcements scheduled for Technovation 2022 include Schwing Stetter launching their e-commerce website, webinars by renowned industry professionals, and multiple conferences.

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