LT. Colonel Purohit: The Man Betrayed?

Investigative Journalism – for the first time in the country’s history of an army man.

The book is a classic example in the form of a long report on investigative journalism. The book looks like the tip of an iceberg of all the incidents and psyche which took place in reality, but definitely the book concise all the facts and dates in one book. An article published a couple of years back by Madhu Purnima Kishwar did jot most of the information while this book had the updated revised information for the readers in formulated chapters. The readers need to understand the restrictions author might be facing to bring forth some classified gen various reasons when Lt. Prasad Purohit asked the writer to get the necessary information from the public domain.

 ‘It’s Hindu Terror!’ screamed newspaper headlines, when for the first time in the country’s history an army man, Lt Col Prasad ShrikantPurohit, was arrested in connection with the September 2008 Malegaon bomb blast. Who was this person, and why was his name plastered over the front page of all newspapers? Why him of all people? Was he guilty? Was he framed? Was he a scapegoat? What happened to the family of this decorated officer while he languished in prison for nine long years as an undertrial? Lt Colonel Purohit: The Man Betrayed? attempts to answer these very questions and in the course brings to light a conspiracy that makes one shudder to even think of… Smita Mishra Ji has facts that are an eye-opener.  –  

An E book and digital version should be expected soon.

The book tells the ordeal of Lt Colonel Purohit and the myth of saffron or Hindu terror, at times it sends shivers down the spine while reading the book. The book will help more people understand the issue they were afraid of even discussing. A must-read book.

No doubt “The Better Half” is an important chapter to understand the strength of the Colonel’s life and the moments he passed through. Colonel Purohit’s story is heart-wrenching and Mrs. Purohit’s endurance gives readers goosebumps.

The book opens many secrets and makes you think about many things while reading. A book that is as important to be read as it is to be written.

the 2 important chapters in the entire book which are the eye-openers to the readers.

Why Purohit?


Salve Perspective

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Smita Mishra A bilingual journalist of repute, Smita Mishra has worked for 25 years in Print and Electronic media reporting on Internal Security, Terrorism, Politics and Current Affairs. Having travelled across the length and breadth of India chasing stories, she is well versed in many regional languages. Currently, an advisor in PrasarBharati, Smita Mishra has her roots in Bihar. Starting her career with a local news organization in Jammu and Kashmir, she moved to the national capital and has worked with Amar Ujala, ETV, HT Group, DainikBhaskar and The Free Press Journal to name a few.

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