With LOI’s received from pan India medical institutions, a revolution in robotics surgeries in India has begun!

Chennai, March 2023:Robotic assisted surgeries have gained significant ground in the last few years and patients are increasingly embracing it for the high clinical outcomes, low risk and faster recoveries . However, robotic surgeries have been construed for only the elite class because of the exorbitant costs attached. With SSI Mantra, the game is about to change. Making robotic surgeries affordable has been made possible by Dr.SudhirPrem Srivastava, Founder, Chairman and CEO of SS Innovations with SSI MANTRA, the first and only Made-in-India surgical robot. SSI Mantra is the brainchild of Dr. Srivastava, who has been at the forefront of bringing down the cost of such surgeries and making it accessible for one and all.

What makes SSI MANTRA unique and successful is the fact that within six months of its commercial launch, the surgical robot has successfully completed 100 surgeries validating the supremacy of the home-grown robot and its ability to perform complex surgeries with flawless precision.

Dr.Sudhir Srivastava, Founder, Chairman and CEO, SS Innovations popularly known as The Robo Doctor says, “achieving 100 successful surgeries by SSI MANTRA is satisfying both emotionally and professionally for me as it marks a significant milestone in India’s quest to redefine the surgical landscape of the country. SSI MANTRA costing just one-third of its global competitors has significantly brought down the cost of surgeries making it much more affordable. India can now look forward to high-end medical care and surgeries without having to worry much about the cost factor. It is a reinforcement of our belief in the system and we are greatly thankful to the medical fraternity for putting confidence in our system and our abilities to provide a surgical option which is at par with its global counterparts”.

SSI Mantra was first commercially installed at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi in July 2022. Since its maiden installation at RGCI, the SSI Mantra system has gained acceptance from many quarters of the country and has been installed in Sanjeevani CBCC USA Cancer Hospital, Raipur; Continental Hospital, Hyderabad and Hindustan Hospital, Coimbatore.

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