Brooke Bond 3 Roses launches ‘Idhu Namma campaign’ in association with Chennai Super Kings Team

In collaboration with Chennai Super Kings, Brooke Bond 3 Roses aired its new TVC, aimed at the South region to accept change and have trust in the new team through the team just like they trust Brooke Bond 3 Roses

(Chennai, 13 May 2022): Brooke Bond 3 Roses, one of India’s most loved tea brands launched its new TVC Idhu Namma Tea(m), where they partnered with the IPL team‘Chennai Super Kings’for its 15th edition. The campaign highlights the message of ‘Idhu Namma Tea, Idhu Namma Team’(It’s our Tea, It’s our Team)to connect with the audience by accepting and trusting the new members of CSK.

The TVC starts with an old man grumbling about the new CSK team over a cup of chai to his wife and when asked how the tea is, the old man replies if the colour, taste, and strength are good then it is bound to be perfect. Likewise, if batting, bowling, and fielding are good then how does it matter what pitch it is, replies to his wife.  In between the conversation, their grandson shouts ‘it is a wicket’ in the first ball to which the old man’s wife states see Just like Brooke Bond 3 Roses tea never disappoints us, in the same way our CSK team will also never disappoint us. The campaign ‘Idhu Namma Tea, Idhu Namma Team’ highlights the messaging of trust and confidence which Brooke Bond 3 Roses brings together by turning the cynics into a believer. 

Shiva Krishnamurthy, Vice President,Tea & Foods (HUL) said, “Brooke Bond 3 Roses is South India’s most loved tea brand and an icon of Tamil Nadu. Being Tamil Nadu’s favourite tea, we are happy to partner with Tamil Nadu’s favourite tea(m), Chennai Super Kings, during this year’s IPL. Our Idhu Namma tea(m) campaign celebrates Tamilians’ love for 3 Roses tea and for CSK with lots of warmth and affection.”

Ajay Mehta, Sr. Vice President, Mindshare said, “With the IPL season, we took this golden opportunity to associate with Chennai Super Kings, a team that unifies entire Tamil Nadu and resonates well with the brand’s philosophy of togetherness. The films capture this in a light-hearted manner and that too over a cup of tea.”

The ad ends with the message ‘Idhu namma tea, Idhu namma team’ with anaim to connect with the CSK fans for whom their favourite team and their favourite tea are inseparable from each other.

To view the ad campaign, here is the link:

About Brooke Bond 3 Roses

Brooke Bond 3 Roses is South India’s largest selling tea brand. For over four decades, 3 Roses has always offered the perfect colour, taste and strength in every cup by blending the best of premium dust tea. For more information, visit About Mind share:
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